Tesco Mobile Senior UI/UX designer
Their requirements were to bring in a senior UI/UX designer to work closely with stakeholders to improve the overall level design and online user experience. There was also a need to implement brand consistency across all digital asset.
Website redesign
A total review of the Tesco website was to be conducted to improve its functionality, design and ease of use. Working within the UX team, we went through a process of producing wireframes and various testing to produce a new look and feel. Responsive templates for the new website were developed to make sure that the site worked across all platforms and was easy to manage.

Mobile app
Tesco Mobile wanted to develop a mobile app that allowed its customers to monitor and manage their personal accounts on their mobile devices. Initial requirements were gathered and wireframes were developed for initial approval. A prototype was developed for user testing and feedback gathered. A design for the app was then produced to make sure that it aligned with the brand style.
Online brand guidelines
To maintain quality and consistency throughout the online channels an online brand guidelines needed to be developed. Working closely with the marketing team and stakeholders to establish best practise for use of the brand assets.